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This year is a set up for a comeback. If you’ve had a difficult time in 2005, or maybe just started out, or even had a wildly successful year, you’re being set up. You’re being setup to stage a comeback that surpasses and overcomes the successes and challenges you faced in 2005. If you had some setbacks in 2005 take heart. Your situation can get better. The key is getting into action.  I’ve decided to do those things that lead to success in all areas of my life. In many cases it will be the very things I don’t want to do, but know I should. It will be the things I normally put off until later upon which I will seize the moment and move forward with a  zeal and passion that will even suprise me. It’s amazing what we can do if we simply just get into action. That’s the name of my game for next year, Action! And I’m already embarking upon that mission. It’s one step at a time, but I’m moving forward. What will you do to chart a new path to make your life different? What will you do to stage your own comeback?


I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has told me that someone else has told them they have a great voice. The next line is normally folllowed by talk about entering the broadcasting business or finding a way to do commercials. It makes me smile and upon hearing their words I sense a need to reach out and help these people in some way.

Voice-over work seems easy on the surface but it’s a lot of hard, intense, subjective work. Most everyone has a voice. That’s a good start, but there is so much more to it than voice. I know a number of people who, in my opinion, have horrible voices. They, however, are doing quite well in voice-overs. Conversely, there are quite a number of people whom I believe have excellent voices and have yet to land a recording opportunity.

I’m trying to share how subjective the voice-over business is. Your potential career lies in the hands of someone’s idea of what sounds good. To a certain degree you can control the subjective nature of the business. The “how” comes in another posting. 

Religious leaders may disagree about many things, but they all have one message in common. They all recommend you do one important thing in your life. You hear this same message in every religion on Earth, especially during the holidays.

You might find this recommendation difficult to follow. For some people, it’s nearly impossible to live this way. However, when you use this advice, you earn the most wonderful gifts available to you.

Not only does this advice make you happy, it lowers your stress and boosts your intelligence. You face difficult situations with less fear. You love everyone around you.What Is Greatness?

“The hardest task one can have is to continue to love his fellows despite all reasons he should not.”“For the one who can achieve this, there is abundant hope.

“For those who cannot, there is only sorrow, hatred and despair. And these are not the things of which greatness, or sanity or happiness are made.

“A primary trap is to succumb to invitations to hate.

“Never use what is done to one as a basis for hatred. Never desire revenge.

“It requires real strength to love a person.  And to love him despite all invitations to do otherwise, all provocations and all reasons why one should not.

“Happiness and strength endure only in the absence of hate. To hate alone is the road to disaster. To love is the road to strength. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

1. As soon as you arrive at your family’s party, your stomach twists when you see your Aunt Bessie. Ever since you were young, Aunt Bessie has criticized you. “Well, running a voice-over business is fine, but I thought you’d be a successful doctor, like your father.” “I was completely surprised to see your daughter’s eyes are hazel since you and your wife have brown eyes.”

If you had known Aunt Bessie would be at the family gathering, you would have found a good excuse to miss it. You want to leave, but then she sees you. “There you are! Have you been avoiding me?”

You decide to be a great person and love your Aunt Bessie despite all reasons you should not. As you hug her, you notice she is now in her 70’s. You suddenly realize she hasn’t criticized you for more than 20 years. You are surprised to find you actually do love her.

2. You are driving down the road enjoying some music and some idiot cuts in front of you. You slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. You send him a mental curse and hope he has a rotten life.

You notice you feel rotten. You blame the other driver and start driving recklessly.

So you decide to be great. You try to love the driver, but the best you can do is find a little understanding. You think, “He must be late for work.” You wish him well.

Within seconds, you feel better and forget about it. You go back to enjoying your music.

3. A few years ago, you and your friend  bought a delivery van. He used it during the day to make deliveries from his flower shop and you used it at night to deliver newspapers.

When going to work one night, you notice the van is missing. You call your friend who says, “Oh, sorry, I forgot to tell you that I sort of rented it to this guy. I mean, uh, well, I sold it because I had to pay off some bills. I think you owe me some money anyway, so I think we should call it even.”

You can’t believe he has done this to you. You yell at him and vow to never speak to him again. You jump in your car and spend all night moving newspapers.

You plot revenge in several ways. You’ll spray paint his flower shop windows. You’ll steal his car. You’ll spread rumors about him.

Every time you think about your friend and the van, you get upset. Even two years later, you feel the hatred whenever you see a similar van. You are not pleasant to be around.

You decide to be a great person and love your friend despite all reasons you should not. After a few days, you decide to call him.

Your Friend says, “I’m so glad you called! I’m sorry about the van! I’ve regretted selling it for years now.”

You say, “Don’t worry about it. I’m sorry too. Let’s have lunch one of these days, okay?”

The van memory stops hurting you. People like being around you again. You feel great!

Five Recommendations for Becoming a Greater Person

1. Love everyone around you. People in your family, neighborhood, workplace, everyone. Love them for no reason.

2. Whenever someone tries to get you to hate him or her, refuse to play the game. Instead, generate some love for the person, even if only a small amount.

3. Make yourself mentally tougher by loving people, even your enemies. You can certainly love people without letting them control you. In fact, it’s easier to face and handle difficult people if you love them.

4. Eliminate revenge as a purpose in your life. Who do you want to get even with? Change that intention into something positive.

5. Make yourself happier by loving people. Whenever you feel depressed (sorrow) or a loss of hope (despair), find someone to love. You don’t even need to see or talk to the person, just love him or her.

“To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness.”

Exercise 1. “Force yourself to smile and you’ll soon stop frowning.”

A. Force yourself to smile.

B. Stop forcing yourself to smile.

C. Repeat steps A and B above until you are cheerful. Some people feel happier immediately while others take 10 minutes or longer.

Try the exercise in front of a mirror for an extra boost.

This first exercise is especially useful if you are upset, depressed, angry, apathetic or resentful.

Exercise 2. “Force yourself to laugh and you’ll soon find something to laugh about.”

Do this exercise when you are feeling stressed or taking life too seriously.

A. Force yourself to laugh.

B. If you cannot force a laugh, say, “ha ha ha ha ha.” Then say, “ho ho ho ho ho.” Then say, “he he he he he.” Repeat until you can force yourself to laugh.

C. Continue to force yourself to laugh until you find something to laugh about. Sooner or later, something very funny will come to mind. You will feel less stressed, less serious and more optimistic.

Exercise 3. “Wax enthusiastic and you’ll very soon feel so.”

You have the power to motivate yourself. You don’t need a bonus, an energetic boss or a seminar to get you excited.

When you make yourself enthusiastic, you make better decisions, get more done in less time and produce better results. You can motivate yourself by “waxing enthusiastic” or increasing your show of enthusiasm, you make yourself interested and excited.

While doing this third exercise, do not actually start working on the task until you feel fully enthusiastic about doing it.

A. Select a task you are avoiding or hate to do. Put the task in front of you.

B. Pretend to be slightly enthusiastic about a small part of the task, but don’t start it yet.

C. Act a little more enthusiastic about another small part of the job.

D. Show even more excitement about another part of the job. Remember to not do anything yet.

E. Gradually show more and more enthusiasm about the job.

F. Wait until you feel enthusiastic and motivated to do the job before starting.

Example: You walk into the dirty bathroom that you need to clean, but hate to clean. You pretend to be a bit enthusiastic about cleaning the mirror by doing a little jump. You act a little more enthusiastic about emptying the bathroom garbage can by smacking your hands and smiling. You gradually show more enthusiasm until you are jumping up and down with a big smile on your face. Suddenly, you grab the toilet brush and start scrubbing!

You might be surprised at how quickly this can work.

Exercise 4. “The greatest joy there is in life is creating.”

What are your greatest joys in life?

Being a parent? Starting a company? Finding new customers? Forming new relationships?

Notice how each activity creates something new?

A. Write down something you can create right now. Examples: a fabulous meal, a redecorated room, a new section of your garden, a new friendship, a different appearance to your hair, a furniture arrangement, an interesting photograph, a new source of income.

B. Write down something you must maintain. Reword it to emphasize the creating aspect of it. Examples: continue to show up at work each day so I can finance my new home business; keep exercising so I add a few extra years to my lifetime; protect my time with my kids so they grow up to be happy, useful members of society.

C. Write down something you must stop or destroy. Reword it to be a creation. Examples: stop smoking so I can start a healthy lifestyle; throw away the junk in my garage so I can create a place to store my car at night; stop trying to bother my ex-husband so I can find a new boyfriend.

D. Add these activities to your plans for today or this week. When you do them, stay focused on the creation aspect of the task.

The happiest individuals in the world are those who create things. The most exciting goals you can have involve creation. You create your success.

“Splurge on it!”

One of the first things producers and engineers look for when getting vo’s from talent is the clarity of sound. They are listening for a crisp and clean production from you. They are looking for studio-qaulity sound from your home studio. It is surprising the number of produced pieces on which you hear the whir of computers, air-conditioning and heating systems, children playing in the background or worse yet, a television playing in the background. There are a number of basic remedies to these distractions which are fairly obvious. Solutions to not so obvious sound problems like noise on the line will be covered in subsequent posts.


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“No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal.” “There can be no purpose worth contemplating
which does not include happiness and experience.
When a personis no longer able to envision happiness
as part of his future, that individual is dead.”  Lionel
Ritchie even says the same thing in the lyrics
of “Easy.”
So to be happy, you need three things:

1. A goal
2. Faith that you can reach that goal

3. The goal must include happiness
Let’s go through all three aspects

1. Goals

First, write down your goals. What do you want to accomplish in the next six months? Year? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? What are your goals for yourself, your marriage and family, your business and career, your finances? See the Goal Examples later in this article. Fill out the Goals Questionnaire.

2. Faith
> Take the first goal. Do you think you can reach this goal? Is it realistic to believe you will accomplish this end result? Do you have faith in your ability to make it? If you have little or no faith in your ability to reach the goal, what would it take to have faith that you can? If you can’t find the faith, what about the goal should you change so you can have faith?

3. Happiness

What about the goal would make you happy? What positive experience would you gain or enjoy from reaching the goal? When you think of how it will be when you reach the goal, do you feel happiness? Repeat these steps for the rest of your goals. Of all your goals, what are the five most important? What can you do this week to make progress toward these five goals? Start!
> Goal Examples
> Personal and Family Goal Examples: Reduce stress, feel more confident, find more joy in life. Reduce or eliminate fears. Stop letting others control me negatively. Change bad habits to good habits. Resolve a long-term dispute. Health goals: diet, weight, alcohol, drugs, smoking. Live to at least ____ years old. Develop personal skills such as a better sense of humor, more courage, etc. Create a loving, supportive, happy marriage. Improve relations with family members. Raise valuable, productive, happy children. Spend more time with your family. Teach children to succeed.
> Job and Career Goal Examples: Increase your personal productivity or pay to a certain level. Learn new job skills. Education goals. Get a promotion. Change to a better occupation. Start a second career. Start a business.
> Financial Goal Examples: Get out of debt. Increase income to $_____ Save $_______ Semi-retire or retire at age ________. Pay for your children’s education. Make certain investments. Buy a business. Buy a big, beautiful house. Buy a vacation home, boat, plane, new car, horses, swimming pool, etc.
> Travel goals.
> Business Goal Examples: Improve service or product quality to a certain level. Reach a new level of production. Increase profit. Find outstanding staff. Create a tight, efficient team. Dramatically increase the size of your business. Open branch offices. Buy/merge with another business. Sell part or all of the business/practice.
> Social Goal Examples: Help people. Invent, discover or develop something significant. Change the way people think about something. Education goals. Charity goals. Religious goals. Community or society goals. Environmental goals. Political goals. National or international goals.

Thanks to Jeanette Cates and her team, I now have a way to communicate with you and give you timely information regarding your voice-over endeavors from sales to inspiration, to motivation.

Keep coming back for updates and feel free to post your responses  or observations right here.


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