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Morning Show Update

March 22, 2007

Welcome to the Update

Freddie Bell, velvet morning voice talent is a mellifluous voice actor, broadcast-journalist, speaker and National Voice Actor. His vast voice over credits, include hosting several radio programs including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Love Train, It’s The Gospel in Tampa, The Freddie Bell Morning Show in radio on KSGS – 950AM, Solid Gold Soul in Minneapolis, plus This is Music, The Freddie Bell Countdown Show and The Minneapolis NAACP Community Affairs television Programs in Minneapolis.
Invite Freddie to your next event or seminar as a Keynote Speaker, covering topics including You Gotta Have H.E.A.R.T., Tuning In to R.A.D.I.O, Maximizing Your Potential, Imagination, The Secret Key To Success, Winning Through Community Service, Dreaming Your Way to Success and a variety of topics related to sales and sales management. Freddie shares ideas and techniques he used to propel Solid Gold Soul Radio into a household name and the launch of Totally Gospel radio in the Twin Cities. Call today for booking details. 888-639-9738.

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Snoop’s an all-time legend in the rap game and a lyrical superstar and The Puffy Daddy well, he’s got a lot of money and seems to dress well. But I’m not sure that puts them in a league with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X.

While they were talking to reporters during their current European tour, Snoop said that he and Puffy are, quote, “the best heroes for kids. We been through everything in music and in life. We give kids the best example to deal with everything.”

Puffy had to get his thoughts in too, quote, “A lot of role models haven’t been through trials and tribulations. You got to judge a champion by how he gets up when he’s been knocked down.”

Puffy also spoke on his status in the rap game, quote, “I’m not going to say that, compared to everyone else, I’m the best. I see myself more as P.T. Barnum. I’m the ringleader of the circus: the producer, the entertainer, the dancer, the vibe motivator. Look at my career in black and white. It’s undisputable. Look on Billboard at the three pages of hits I’ve had. I’m not braggadocious. . . [it’s] the facts.”


Justin Timberlake is the cover boy for the April 2007 issue of Details Magazine. Here are some of the highlights from Justin’s interview with Details:

On the tabloids: “I despise what they do. They create soap operas out of people’s lives. [Cameron and I] had our thing, and it’s over. They edit that stuff like MTV edits reality shows. It’s a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it.”

On being considered the New King of Pop: “I tried so hard to be an R&B artist [with first solo album Justified] and it was the pop album of the year, and I was like, ‘F***. That’s the last thing I wanted but I was like, ‘So everyone considers me a pop artist? Well, f&%* it. I’m going to do whatever I want to do.”

On surviving the boy-band apocalypse and becoming a man: “I could give you a bunch of analogies about why I’m still around that would sound like hippie self-help bulls#@*. ‘I saw an opportunity and I took it?’ F &%* you. Sure, there’s a lot of luck involved. But on some level I have to believe in my ability. And I’m not apologizing to anyone. I worked f&%*ing hard to get here.”

On being used by the Grammys for ratings: “I’m the nice guy who follows through on the things he commits to. But I don’t know if I’ll be going through that sort of thing again. I feel like the Grammys used me for ratings. And look at it-they were up 18 percent.”

This Justin Timberlake issue hits newsstands in NY/LA today, March 20 and nationwide next Tuesday, March 27.


While most of the hip hop community can’t wait to hear the solo debut from the Youngbloodz’s Sean Paul, his partner J-Bo hasn’t been wasting any time either putting together his solo project. J-Bo has signed an independent joint venture deal for his solo album with Ball or Fall Records.

J-Bo has also put together a mixtape with his own in house production crew, Fully Focus Camp, to give fans a taste of what they expect from the solo project which hits stores later this year.

J-Bo’s mixtape STILL Against the Grain hits stores this week and features guest appearances by 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Too Short, Pimp C, Lil Scrappy, Khujo Goodie, Bohagen, Kinfolk, GMC, Shorty Putt and Superslip. The street single from the project is “Always Going Hard.”

Sean Paul has yet to sign a deal for his solo album but he’s currently featured on singles by Sterling Simms and Lil’ Scrappy.


Los Angeles-based rap outfit the Jurassic 5 has decided to break-up. Australia’s Gold Coast Bulletin reports that the group will disband after they complete their Australian tour and several Japanese tour dates. Group member Soup told the paper, “After the tour, that’s basically it. I don’t want to sit here and fake around with it –we’re not seeing eye to eye right now. People see us as a harmonizing, loving group, but that’s far from the truth.”

The rapper added, “Some people may say it’s a creative thing, but I’m not buying it. Some might say business, some might say merchandising, whatever, there’s some really stupid s**t, some really childish things, happening. (But) when it comes down to it, some people here want their own shine, their own thing. If that’s what you want, I say more power to you. I hope it works out for you — just don’t come up with lame excuses (for J5’s demise).”

The group currently consists of Soup, Akil, Marc 7, Chali 2na and DJ Nu Mark. Cut Chemist left the group before the release of its last album, Feedback.

Jurassic 5 released their debut self-titled EP in 1998. The group has since released three albums, 2000’s Quality Control, 2002’s Power In Numbers, and 2006’s Feedback.

When the group initially came together it was with the hopes of bringing hip hop back to the golden era. DJ Nu Mark explained: “I think we’re offering tons of originality. We’re making you feel like hip-hop used to feel, really. We’re making you feel like you’re at the party, like you’re really in it. Not like sitting in the corner smoking a blunt, distancing yourself from the music and the vibe.”


Toronto-based reggae star and rapper Kardinal Offishall has signed a deal with Akon’s Konvict imprint. reports that after turning down a deal from Jay-Z to join Roc La Familia last year, Offishall decided to sign with Konvict, whose roster also includes T Pain.

Akon said, “Kardi is one of the most original acts I’ve laid my eyes on. He always had his own style and sound regardless of the changes that the music business has been going through. He reminds me so much of myself with his work habits and his talent is self-explanatory! He’s definitely someone to be reckoned with in today’s music future.”

Offishall released his debut album, Quest For Fire: Fire Starter Vol.1, in 2001 on MCA Records.


R&B singer Marques Houston released his third solo album, Veteran, on Tuesday (March 20th). The album features songwriting from Bryan Michael Cox, Ne-Yo, Tank, Rufus Blaq and The Underdogs and guest appearances by Shawnna, Mya and Yung Joc. The latest single from the project is “Circle.”

Houston explained the importance of making a complete album. He said: “I call it the peaceful groove, you know, something that you can just put on and listen all the way through. I like making albums that people don’t have to skip around. If you gonna skip, I rather you skip because it’s your favorite song.”

There’s one song on the album, “Kimberly,” that has some folks asking questions. Houston explained, “The song was written pretty much for my girlfriend, but the thing behind ‘Kimberly’ is that every woman has (a) ‘Kimberly’ (side). It’s that freaky side, the woman that is so shy and soft-spoken, I’m pretty sure she has a ‘Kimberly’ side in the bedroom.”

There was some speculation that “Kimberly” was about model and Paris Hilton buddy, Kim Kardashian, but Houston denied those rumors. He said, “Kim is my girl. That’s my homegirl. We’re doing a lot of business together. We are just friends, we are good friends.”

Kardashian is a spokesmodel for the new Christopher Brian clothing line, which was launched by Houston’s manager, Chris Stokes.


MTV, Access Hollywood, and numerous other media outlets have been running stories this week questioning whether American Idol contestant Sanjaya Malakar deserves to still be on the show. One paper said, “Hair today, gone tomorrow,” while another begged audiences to “Let Sanjaya go. Let Sanjaya go.” On the other side of the coin, Howard Stern has put his support behind the 17-year-old singer, as did the votefortheworst website, which believes that Idol is more interesting if it keeps the weakest contestant on.

Brandon Rogers, the Idol contestant that was voted off last week, told us yesterday (March 20th) that he thinks all the Sanjaya bashing is unfair: “I love that kid. I feel so bad for him because he’s just getting such a bad rap in the press right now. This is not his fault, you know, he’s doing the best he can and people are beating him up and making it seem like it’s his fault.”

Whatever the reason he’s still on, Sanjaya got his chance to perform again last night (March 20th) and will find out if he’s staying or going on tonight’s (March 21st) elimination edition of Idol, which airs at 9.

Another contestant that wants to make it past tonight is Blake Lewis. He said his goal is to make the Top 10: “Man, I really want to get in the Top 10. So, to me, that’s my goal. If I can make it farther than that, America wants me to proceed, and you know…I don’t know what my chances are. Let’s leave that up to America.”


Halle Berry doesn’t want any more ex-men in her life — not the X-Men as in the movies and comic books, but ex-husbands like Eric Benet and David Justice. The actress says in the April issue of InStyle magazine that she’ll “never, never get married again” because she’s come to a place in her life where she thinks “two people can share their lives without the ring, without the piece of paper.”

The 40-year-old actress isn’t making an exception for current boyfriend Gabriel Aubry either. She says they’re still getting along well a year into their relationship but wedding bells aren’t in the cards. Nevertheless, Berry said the model won her over in a new way, “In the past I’ve been attracted to big personalities. Gabriel was shy. He hardly talked to me at first. It wasn’t the guy just showering affection on me. It made it more interesting.” Who said playing hard-to-get doesn’t work?

Berry is currently making the media rounds promoting the thriller, Perfect Stranger.


A recent lawsuit against Los Angeles radio station KJLH Los Angeles and its co-owner Stevie Wonder, brought by his former general sales manager, are being called “unfounded,” according to Wonder’s and the station’s attorney, Marty Singer.

The suit was filed on March 4th by Reginald Thomas Jr., a former employee of KJLH- FM, and alleges that he was fired after he discovered some other employees involved in a form of payola called “plugola,” and raised questions about possible sexual harassment in the workplace by Wonder. He’s asked for unspecified damages and more than $3.5 million in unpaid wages and benefits.

Singer has responded with the following statement: “The lawsuit filed against KJLH and Stevie Wonder by Reginald Thomas Jr. is completely unfounded. Unfortunately, following his termination for cause after working at KJLH for five months, Mr. Thomas came forward with these meritless claims. KJLH and all of the defendants named in the lawsuit expect to be fully vindicated in court when the fictional claims made by MR. THOMAS are dismissed.”


Lost and Grey’s Anatomy have something more in common than their network homes — the ABC dramas feature TV’s sexiest stars, according to TV Guide. Lost’s Evangeline Lilly and Dr. McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, received top honors in the magazine’s first-ever “sexy” poll, and they grace separate covers of the magazine which go on sale tomorrow (March 22nd). Lilly out-sexed Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and Grey’s Anatomy’s Katherine Heigl, while Dempsey had the edge over Heroes’ Sendhil Ramamurthy and Men In Trees’ James Tupper.

The picks were selected by TV Guide editors. Grey’s Anatomy was best represented on the list with three of its doctors making the cut.


1. Evangeline Lilly, Lost
2. Eva Longoria, Desperate Housewives
3. Katherine Heigl, Grey’s Anatomy
4. Marg Helgenberger, CSI
5. Ali Larter, Heroes
6. Nadine Velazquez, My Name Is Earl
7. Roselyn Sanchez, Without A Trace
8. Rashida Jones, The Office
9. Rebecca Romijn, Ugly Betty
10. Jennifer Morrison, House

1. Patrick Dempsey, Grey’s Anatomy
2. Sendhil Ramamurthy, Heroes
3. James Tupper, Men In Trees
4. Josh Holloway, Lost
5. Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lights
6. Shermar Moore, Criminal Minds
7. Skeet Ulrich, Jericho
8. Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty
9. Justin Chambers, Grey’s Anatomy
10. Dave Annable, Brothers & Sisters

Black History Fact

In 1806, Benito Pablo Juarez, Mexico’s first president of Indian ancestry, died. A Mexican holiday is celebrated in his honor.
In 1941, Heavyweight Joe Louis knocked out Abe Simon in the 13th round at Olympia Stadium in Detroit to retain the world heavyweight title.
In 1947, James Baskett was given a Special Academy Award for his part in Disney’s Song Of The South. He was the second American of African decent to receive an Academy Award. Baskett was also the first American of African decent hired by Disney. Unfortunately, Baskett was unable to attend the premiere in Atlanta because he was unable to get accommodations.
In 1960, the first lunch counters were integrated in San Antonio, Texas.
In 1964, “Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)” by Betty Everett entered the Top 40 chart.
In 1965, The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led thousands of people on a 54-mile march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to call for voting rights for African-Americans.
In 1969, the album 200 MPH by Bill Cosby was certified gold.
In 1970, “ABC” by the Jackson 5 entered the Top 40 chart.
In 1970, “Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)” by the Delfonics peaked at Number 10 on the pop chart.
In 1970, “Do The Funky Chicken” by Rufus Thomas peaked at Number 28 on the pop chart.
In 1970, “It’s A New Day Part 1” by James Brown peaked at Number 32 on the pop chart.
In 1975, the album Perfect Angel by Minnie Ripperton was certified gold.
In 1981, “Being With You” by Smokey Robinson entered the Top 40 chart.

Celebrity Birthdays

• Solomon Burke, singer, songwriter, Hall Of Fame inductee, 67

• Kevin Federline, rapper and Mr. Britney Spears, 29

• Sabrina LeBeauf, actress (The Cosby Show), 49

• Ananda Lewis, talk show hostess, 34

• Large Professor (William Paul Mitchell), rapper formerly of Main Source, 34

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