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January 29, 2008

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Freddie Bell, velvet morning voice talent is a mellifluous voice actor, broadcast-journalist, speaker and National Voice Actor. His vast voice over credits, include hosting several radio programs including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Love Train, It’s The Gospel in Tampa, The Freddie Bell Morning Show in radio on KSGS – 950AM, Solid Gold Soul in Minneapolis, plus This is Music, The Freddie Bell Countdown Show and The Minneapolis NAACP Community Affairs television Programs in Minneapolis.
Invite Freddie to your next event or seminar as a Keynote Speaker, covering topics including You Gotta Have H.E.A.R.T., Tuning In to R.A.D.I.O, Maximizing Your Potential, Imagination, The Secret Key To Success, Winning Through Community Service, Dreaming Your Way to Success and a variety of topics related to sales and sales management. Freddie shares ideas and techniques he used to propel Solid Gold Soul Radio into a household name.
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Kelly Rowland Says Beyonce Is A Slob


Singer Kelly Rowland couldn’t wait to finish touring with Destiny’s Child – because bandmates Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams were messy roommates.
The 26-year-old was delighted to announce a solo tour in autumn last year – because she could finally keep the tour bus as organized as she pleased.
She says, “They were both slobs! They would come on to the tour bus and take their shoes off, and I was the one who would say, ‘Put your shoes in the corner!’ I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) tendencies, so I drove them totally nuts.”



Some say when they saw Bernice King, daughter of slain civil right leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., at the King Center in Atlanta, she’d added something a little different to her normal presentation. It seems Dr. King has added rap to her talk when she invited a young rapper on stage to rap to the song, I Am King. Witnessess say after a short time, Dr. King joined in the rap and was acutally pretty good. The event was held to honor her father during King Day activities.



Christine Beatty, Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s chief of staff, said Monday she is resigning amid allegations that she and the mayor lied under oath about an affair. In a letter to Kilpatrick that was released by his office, Beatty said she believes she can no longer effectively carry out her duties. Her resignation takes effect Feb. 8. “I painfully regret the devastation that the recent reports have caused to the citizens of Detroit, to my co workers, to the Mayor’s family and to my family and friends,” Beatty wrote in the letter. Kilpatrick spokesman James Canning said the mayor’s office had no comment. A prosecutor launched an investigation last week into the allegations, which came to light when the Detroit Free Press reported details of steamy text messages between Beatty and Kilpatrick. Both Kilpatrick and Beatty testified in a trial last summer that they did not have a physical relationship in 2002 and 2003, when the messages were reportedly sent. The 14,000 messages examined by the newspaper reveal the two carried on a flirty, sometimes sexually explicit dialogue about where to meet and how to conceal their numerous trysts. “I’m madly in love with you,” Kilpatrick wrote on Oct. 3, 2002. “I hope you feel that way for a long time,” Beatty replied. “In case you haven’t noticed, I am madly in love with you, too!” On Oct. 16, 2002, Kilpatrick wrote Beatty: “I’ve been dreaming all day about having you all to myself for 3 days. Relaxing, laughing, talking, sleeping and making love.” The pair testified in a case involving a lawsuit filed by two police officers who alleged they were fired for investigating claims that the mayor used his security unit to cover up extramarital affairs. The lawsuit ended with the jury awarding $6.5 million to the two officers. The payout eventually grew to more than $8.5 million.



Rapper and actor Snoop Dogg loves ABC’s soap opera One Life To Live. After hearing that Mary J. Blige taped a two-day performance and appearance on the show, the rapper put a call into the show’s producers and volunteered to come up with a new theme song for the show. The show’s supervising music director, Paul Glass, told the New York Post’s Page Six, “I’m a huge fan of Snoop and I’d love to hear what he’d come up with.” In related news, while Snoop Dogg may be affiliated with Los Angeles’ Crips street gang, the rapper is all about peace. He explained: “I dream about peace in the world, you know what I’m sayin’? Just non-violent, you know no wars, no deaths, no accidents, you know positive stuff like that where it can be happy all the time ’cause that’s how I like to get down.”



Rapper Heavy D performed for the first time in over 10 years on Sunday night (January 27th) at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. The rapper was joined on the bill by Doug E. Fresh and Big Daddy Kane in what may be a warm up for an all out Mic Check Tour featuring all three acts. Heavy D told, “Right now it’s still an if. There’s no definite dates, but there’s a lot of offers. We’re just trying to make the right decision, based on everybody’s schedule. But chances are that’s what we’re gonna do.”
Big Daddy Kane added, “I haven’t performed with Heavy D since like 1989. That makes it and the whole vibe that’s been built around it different.” Heavy D, who a few years ago flirted with a comeback through Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment label, is currently working on a reggae album. The rapper said, “I’ve always been involved with the Reggae scene, underground; and it was always something I was always involved in.” Heavy D has spent the past decade pursuing an acting career and his credits include: The Cider House Rules, New Jersey Drive, and Life.



Singer Beyonce, who played a Diana Ross-like girl group lead singer in the 2006 film Dreamgirls, may have lined up a new musical film role. She has reportedly been cast as feisty blues singer Etta James in the new ’50s-era film Cadillac Records. James, known for her ballad “At Last,” also had a string of up-tempo early ’60s hits like “Tell Mama” and “Don’t Cry Baby.” The film, currently in preproduction, stars Oscar winner Adrien Brody as Leonard Chess, the founder of blues label Chess Records, and Jeffrey Wright as blues legend Muddy Waters. Others who have signed on for the project include Cedric the Entertainer, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Columbus Short. Filming is scheduled for later this year in New Jersey and Mississippi. Meanwhile, Beyonce is scheduled to perform a duet with Tina Turner on the 50th annual Grammy Awards telecast, February 10th from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Barack Is Back


“After four great contests in every corner of this country, we have the most votes, the most delegates, and the most diverse coalition of Americans that we’ve seen in a long, long time.” — Illinois senator Barack Obama at his victory celebration in Columbia, South Carolina. After his total butt kicking performance in South Carolina on Saturday, it’s pretty safe to say Barack is back. Obama’s impressive win meant all the more given the nature of politics in South Carolina, a state whose history is fraught with race and class, says Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty. Going into Saturday’s election, some observers wondered if the state’s voters were becoming more racially polarized. That speculation was fueled by one late McClatchy/MSNBC survey that suggested Obama could expect to receive no more than 10% of the white vote, half of what the same poll had shown only a week before.
But the article points out that Obama instead won about a quarter of the white vote overall, and around half of young white voters, on his way to a commanding 55% of the total vote (Hillary Clinton finished second with roughly 27% and John Edwards came in third with 18%). Overall, 78 percent of black voters supported Obama, 19 percent backed Clinton and 2 percent went for Edwards. Obama had similarly large advantages among black women and black men and among younger and older African Americans. The Obama campaign also notes that in the mostly black precincts that Bill Clinton visted in Greenville, as much as 80% of the vote went to Obama. (Read on for more about Bill Clinton and the negatives he’s creating with black voters.) It is a powerful message for the Illinois Senator to take into the Super Tuesday round of primaries on February 5. “In nine days-nine short days – nearly half the nation will have the chance to join us in saying that we are tired of business-as-usual in Washington, we are hungry for change, and we are ready to believe again,” Obama declared. And for the moment, the good news continues for Senator Obama. Over the weekend, he received the endorsement of Ted Kennedy and his niece Caroline. Still, as Time’s Tumulty reminds, the sobering reality for the Obama campaign is that Clinton’s massive organization will present a formidable challenge in the 20-plus states that will be voting on February 5. Meanwhile Bill Clinton, continues his attack dog act and at the same time eroding his vaunted “First Black President” image among African Americans. At a rally in Missouri, he compared Obama’s South Carolina victory to that of Jesse Jackson’s in 1984 and 1988. The implication being that Obama is the Jesse jackson of 2008. Once again, it’s the Clinton camp injecting race in the game. Finally, the article pointed out that there was evidence that Obama’s victory was also a repudiation of the brand of hard-knuckled politics that both Clintons had brought to the South Carolina contest. Exit polls indicated that Bill Clinton’s campaigning made a difference to about 6 in 10 South Carolina Democratic primary voters. But of those voters, 47% went for Barack Obama, while only 38% went for Hillary Clinton. Fourteen percent voted for John Edwards.

Black History Factafrican-american-history.jpgcarter-g-woodson.jpg

1787, The Free Africa Society was organized in Philadelphia.
1938, Crystal Byrd Fauset was elected to the Pennsylvania House Of Representatives.
1944, Matthew Henson received a joint medal from Congress as co-discoverer of the North Pole.
1963, Black student Harvey Gantt entered Clemson College in South Carolina, the last state to hold out against integration.
1967, “Tell It Like It Is” by Aaron Neville peaked at Number Two on the pop chart.
1970, Arthur Ashe, the first black male to win Wimbledon, was denied entry to compete on the U.S. team for the South African Open tennis championships due to Ashe’s sentiments on South Africa’s racial policies.
1981, the album Fantastic Voyage by Lakeside was certified gold.
1984, “Ebony Eyes” by Rick James featuring Smokey Robinson peaked at Number 43 on the pop chart.
1984, “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” by Prince peaked at Number 52 on the pop chart.
1986, the album Romance 1600 by Sheila E. was certified gold.
1986, Astronaut Ronald McNair died in the space shuttle Challenger disaster.
1989, After 62 years, the Colgate-Palmolive Company redesigned the packaging for its “Darkie” toothpaste, which was made and sold only in Asia. The nickname for Darkie toothpaste was renamed “Darlie” and the blackfaced, Sambo-like character was changed into a “non-racially offensive” silhouette.
1989, “Roni” by Bobby Brown entered the Top 40 chart.
1991, the album The Revival by Tony! Toni! Tone! was certified platinum.
1992, “Addams Groove” by Hammer was certified gold.
1992, the album Finally by Ce Ce Peniston was released.
1992, the album Warm Your Heart by Aaron Neville was certified gold.
1995, “Creep” by TLC hit Number One on the pop chart.
1996, Diana Ross was the featured halftime performer at Super Bowl XX (20) in Tempe, Arizona.
1997, “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly was certified gold and platinum.
1997, At South Africa’s Truth Commission, police confessed to the 1977 murder of Steven Biko.
1998, the album My Way by Usher was certified double platinum.
1998, the album Secrets by Toni Braxton was certified six times platinum.
2000, the album What’s The 411? by Mary J. Blige was certified triple platinum.

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Keith Hamilton Cobb, actor (All My Children), 46
DJ Muggs, member of Cypress Hill, 40
Rakim, rapper, 40

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