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March 3, 2009

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Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell, velvet morning voice talent is a mellifluous voice actor, broadcast-journalist, speaker and National Voice Actor. His vast voice over credits, include hosting several radio programs including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Love Train, It’s The Gospel in Tampa, The Freddie Bell Morning Show in radio on KSGS – 950AM, Solid Gold Soul in Minneapolis, plus This is Music, The Freddie Bell Countdown Show and The Minneapolis NAACP Community Affairs television Programs in Minneapolis.
Invite Freddie to your next event or seminar as a Keynote Speaker, covering topics including You Gotta Have H.E.A.R.T., Tuning In to R.A.D.I.O, Maximizing Your Potential, Imagination, The Secret Key To Success, Winning Through Community Service, Dreaming Your Way to Success and a variety of topics related to sales and sales management. Freddie shares ideas and techniques he used to propel Solid Gold Soul Radio into a household name.
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Rihanna and Chris

Rihanna and Chris

Within hours of news that Rihanna and Chris Brown were holed up at Diddy’s spread in Miami trying to work things out, reaction has poured in from fans of the singers, domestic violence experts and Rihanna’s own father, Ronald Fenty.

“I love my daughter with whatever road she takes. I’m behind her win or lose. I will be supportive. If that’s the road she wants to choose, I’m behind her,” Fenty told Us Weekly from his Barbados home.

He told that he hasn’t spoken to his daughter since earlier this month, for her 21st birthday, and only found out about her reconciliation with Brown through the media.

“We are a family who stick together even though we are apart,” he tells “She’s a smart girl.”

When asked what he would tell Brown as a father, he demurred, “I have no comment on Chris Brown.”

Fans posting messages across the Internet are largely baffled by Rihanna’s decision to reunite with the pop singer, who was arrested three weeks ago for allegedly assaulting her.

“All the abusive men are celebrating,” Highroller33138 wrote in a posting on the Web site. “It sets a terrible example for women everywhere. Rihanna really disappointed me.”

“Stupid, really stupid. … I hate women like this,” wrote ladyofthelake in a posting on

And from here at, DChick85 said: “Not shocked, not surprised and I damn sure don’t care anymore. Looks like she ain’t take Whit’s advice.”

As previously reported, broke news of the Chrihanna reunion on Friday, quoting sources who said the two were staying at the Miami Beach home of Sean “Diddy” Combs.

“They care for each other. While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves,” a source told People. “They are definitely together and care a great deal about each other. They feel like staying in and working through their issues. So far they have not wanted to go out.”


Rachel Ray, Hot Photos

Rachel Ray, Hot Photos

PHOTOS! Here are the pictures from the Rachel Ray 2003 FHM Photo Shoot. Rachel Ray says of her 2003 FHM photo shoot that she has no regrets.

However, her mom was furious, says Ray.

Rachel Ray speaks about the FHM photos in an ABC Nightline interview that will air tonight. Ray says of the 2003 FHM pictures:

“I think I was 35 at the time. And I thought about it for a while, and I said, ‘You know what? This magazine has as young as 17-, 18-year-olds in hottie bikinis, and these are all actresses, models, pin-up girls. I don’t belong to any even remote club of theirs.’

“And I thought, ‘If I’m gutsy enough to do this, this is a good thing for everybody. This is the everywoman, here she is,’. And I did it, and it was the most scared I’ve ever been, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’d do it again tomorrow.”

“If you spend so much time thinking about the people who dislike what it is you’re doing, you’re doing a disservice to the people that employ you. I’m not employed by those people. I work for the people that want the type of food I write [about], the type of food we share with people.”

Ray says still can’t deal with how much money she makes. Some estimates put it in excess of $18 million.

“It makes my stomach flip. I’m not comfortable with it … because I don’t like to think of my life as that far away from me. People that make that kind of money — it’s just too foreign of an idea. Says Ray, “I’m not a chef. I haven’t created any new technique in the kitchen. I’m not a rocket scientist. I think I’m good at writing accessible, fun, and affordable meals for the average American family. That’s what I’m good at.


Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy as Richard Pryor on the big screen? The idea is currently being shopped by writer-director Bill Condon, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Fresh from his debut run as producer of the 2009 Academy Awards, Condon is said to be pitching his script “Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said?” to studio subsidiaries and independent distributors around Hollywood, with Murphy attached to star.

“Sources tell that Fox Searchlight, the studio behind this year’s big Oscar winner ‘Slumdog Millionaire,’ is interested in the film,” the Web site reports. “The studio, which declined comment, has a relationship with Condon, having partnered with the director on his 2004 feature ‘Kinsey.'”

“Condon, who most recently wrote and directed ‘Dreamgirls,’ had the Pryor biopic set up at The Weinstein Company but was able to pull it out when the indie outfit put it into turnaround. He initially was hoping to secure $30 million to produce the film, but that number, sources say, has dropped down to $25 million,” EW reports.


Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

What big real estate venture is next for filmmaker Tyler Perry after a sprawling villa estate and the historic Tyler Perry Studios? Apparently, his own island. is reporting that the movie mogul, who turns 40 in September, plans to join the ranks of David Copperfield and Mel Gibson with the purchase of the ultimate getaway for his birthday.

“I’m a loner by nature, so when I’m out there on these islands, I just feel like the only person in the world,” says Perry, whose latest film, Madea Goes to Jail, grossed $41 million its opening weekend and $16.5 million this past weekend to claim the top spot two weeks in a row.

Perry, who recently spent a week vacationing on a private island in the Great Exumas in the Bahamas, admits his island idea isn’t entirely about relaxation: “Renting an island is the best place for me to work uninterrupted.”

What will he call his own private isle? “It won’t be Tyler Perry’s Island!” he laughs. “I’m so sick of seeing Tyler Perry all over everywhere!”




Michael Jackson has reportedly recorded more than 100 songs that are only to be heard by his three children upon his death, according to a biographer.

Ian Halperin, author of the forthcoming book “Unmasked, The Michael Jackson Story,” says Jackson’s secret tunes were written and produced specifically for his seeds Prince, 11, Paris Katherine, 10, and five-year-old Prince Michael II, and will be revealed to them after he dies.

“I was astonished by the number of songs which have been held back,” Halperin says. “I was told that he will not let them come out now but wants to leave them for his kids, a very personal legacy to them.”

Also according to Halperin, the King of Pop has agreed to sing at a party for Russian billionaire Oleg Derispaska in April in exchange for $2.9 million.

Halperin says Jackson’s contract stipulates that a full team of experts be on hand to ensure he is in full health. And if the Oleg gig is successful, it could mean Jackson will go ahead with plans for a residency at London’s O2 Arena – his first major performances since his last tour in 1996.

“The concert would be his first in years and is being seen as a test to see if he could perform in London but a lot depends on his health,” Halperin says. “The rider for the gig by Jackson’s handlers includes a request for nine top doctors to be on site at all times, 11 gourmet chefs, 1,200 bottles of the world’s finest bottled water, Bling H2O and six massage therapists.”



A new civil suit has emerged in the ongoing legal drama between Chris Rock and his 1998 fling Monika Zsibrita.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has unsealed the suit, which the former model filed against Rock in August. It accuses the comedian of breach of contract and a host of other charges, and its overarching theme is that the comedian is “a monster.” She accuses him of first raping her, then siccing a criminal private investigator on her and finally putting her on blast during an interview on Howard Stern’s radio show.

According to the LA Times timeline, the saga began in 1998 when Rock and Zsibrita, a blonde former model, struck up a conversation over Sunday brunch at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. The relationship that followed was brief — two dinner dates.

“The second date led back to Rock’s hotel room, which led to sex — he has said he was separated from his wife at the time — which led to a paternity suit, then tabloid headlines, an allegation of rape, the hiring of private investigator Anthony Pellicano, two DNA tests, a confidential settlement, testimony before a federal jury and, on Thursday, the revelation of a new civil suit,” the Times reported.

Now 36 and a married stay-at-home mother, Zsibrita said she wanted the court papers made public so people, especially those in her native Hungary, would know her version of a story in which she is often portrayed as a gold digger.

“My side has never been out,” she said outside the courtroom. “This has basically ruined my life.”

In Rock’s testimony at Pellicano’s wiretapping trial last year, the actor characterized Zsibrita as a shakedown artist. “Someone who was not pregnant with my child claimed to be pregnant with my child and requested large sums of money for this,” he testified. He said he turned to Pellicano because he thought he was being scammed.

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Rapper Rappin’ 4-Tay is 41.

NFL running back Reggie Bush is 24.

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