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April 29, 2009

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Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell, velvet morning voice talent is a mellifluous voice actor, broadcast-journalist, speaker and National Voice Actor. His vast voice over credits, include hosting several radio programs including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Love Train, It’s The Gospel in Tampa, The Freddie Bell Morning Show in radio on KSGS – 950AM, Solid Gold Soul in Minneapolis, plus This is Music, The Freddie Bell Countdown Show and The Minneapolis NAACP Community Affairs television Programs in Minneapolis.
Invite Freddie to your next event or seminar as a Keynote Speaker, covering topics including You Gotta Have H.E.A.R.T., Tuning In to R.A.D.I.O, Maximizing Your Potential, Imagination, The Secret Key To Success, Winning Through Community Service, Dreaming Your Way to Success and a variety of topics related to sales and sales management. Freddie shares ideas and techniques he used to propel Solid Gold Soul Radio into a household name.
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Spike Lee, Director

Spike Lee, Director

Kobe Bryant reportedly tried one of his famous head fakes on Spike Lee, right before the filmmaker began rolling on “Kobe: Doin’ Work,” a day-in-the-life documentary about the player’s lifestyle.

Once Lee and his film crew were ready to begin shooting, the Los Angeles Lakers star demanded to have creative control over the documentary, forcing the director to drive to his house to beg for a meeting to save the project, claims the New York Post’s Page Six.

Lee’s rep denies the story, calling it “completely baseless.”

The column reported Monday:

Lee had worked for months to get permission from Bryant, the Lakers team, coach Phil Jackson, the NBA and ESPN, which will air the day-in-the-life documentary on May 16. The director had already flown to Los Angeles, where 30 cameras were in place for the April 13, 2008, Lakers game against the San Antonio Spurs.

But suddenly Bryant said he wouldn’t cooperate unless he was granted creative control, sources said. Lee tried several times to call Bryant, who wouldn’t accept his calls. So Lee, at the suggestion of ESPN broadcaster Stephen A. Smith, drove to Bryant’s house in a gated community, where Bryant refused to see him, sources said.

“It went so far that Lee had a last-minute plan to substitute Spurs star Tim Duncan for Kobe and make the whole documentary about Duncan,” said our source. But Kobe and Spike somehow worked it out, and Lee is being a good soldier promoting the Kobe picture, which screened Saturday night at the Tribeca Film Festival.

“Spike Lee completely yielded,” said one insider. “And at the start of the film, when Kobe arrives at the Staples Center and sees Spike with the camera, he gives him a big smile and thumbs up, showing he knows he won the battle.”


President Obama

President Obama

Guess which network has decided not to air President Obama’s prime time address tomorrow night? And the news-less CW doesn’t count.

While ABC, NBC and CBS are giving up precious sweeps month real estate for the president’s press conference marking his first 100 days, Fox announced Monday that it will instead stick to its regular programming – an episode of “Lie to Me.”

The network, known for its conservative news slant, is the lone broadcast channel that turned down President Obama’s request for the time.

Tomorrow night’s speech will be the third prime time news conference in Obama’s 100-day presidency. It also marks the first time a broadcast network has refused his request.


Trina Finn

Trina Finn

The woman jailed in Suriname for allegedly impersonating Toni Braxton during a concert has given an update on her status.

Trina Johnson-Finn says she was told by the event’s promoter that her appearance would be understood as a tribute performance, and not passed off to ticket holders as a performance by the real singer. After Johnson was arrested and taken into custody, the promoter took off with the money and has not been heard from since.

Johnson’s court appearance for May 7 has been changed, her husband Raymond Finn said in an e-mail to EURweb. “The judge scheduled to hear her case had previously [seen] Trina during one of the earlier appeals and under Suriname law, cannot re-hear her case at trial. As a result, she has to appear in court on May 5th to hopefully be assigned a new judge.”

According to Jeter, Trina has been moved to a prison facility called Santaboma. “She is in her own cell now so she has a bit more privacy,” said Jeter.

In the meantime, a benefit concert for Johnson will be held May 2 at the Legends Ranch in Las Vegas from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. with entertainment from “headliners, comedians, tribute artists, bands and DJ’s. For direct online ticket sales go t

Finn encourages folks to visit his wife’s Facebook page and RSVP for the benefit festival, even if you’re not planning to attend. “This will help us with numbers to push the corporate sponsorships,” he says. “If you’re actually coming and attending and want to purchase tickets online, you can just click on Trina Johnson-Finn Benefit Festival – Tickets – MSN City Guides.”

General admission will be $10; general admission with lunch will be $25 and VIP with BBQ, preferred parking and seating will be $40



The swine flu virus outbreak spread to two more states and the total number of cases confirmed in the U.S. jumped to 64, health officials said. That figure is expected to keep rising.

“I do expect more cases and expect more states to be effected.” Rear Admiral Dr. Anne Schuchat, interim deputy director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s science and public health program, told a Senate hearing today. “I think we need to be prepared that even if it starts to look a little better, it may get a little worse.”

California has confirmed 13 cases of swine flu, but it is investigating whether two deaths were the result of the virus. If confirmed, they would be the first deaths in the U.S. attributed to the illness.

Indiana and Florida both reported incidences of swine flu today, bringing to seven the number of states where the infections are being investigated.

Indiana State Health Commissioner Judy Monroe said the first confirmed case in her state was a young adult. She said that unlike many other cases identified in the U.S., the Indiana patient had not recently traveled to Mexico.

In Orlando, Fla., the chief medical officer at Florida Hospital Loran Hauck indicated the flu has spread to a tourist who visiting the crowded Disney World.

“A case was diagnosed here in Orlando today on a tourist from Mexico who came to Disney attractions two days ago to visit,” Hauck wrote in the email. Florida health officials have not confirmed that the tourist was stricken with swine flu.

Indiana joins Ohio, New York, Texas, Kansas and California as states with confirmed cases.

The outbreak is expected to keep growing because the CDC said today the new count includes “a number of hospitalizations.”

The biggest increase occurred in New York City where the number of cases leaped from 28 to 45, the CDC said.

Black History Factafrican-american-history.jpgcarter-g-woodson.jpg

Apr. 28, 1967: World Boxing Association and New York State Athletic Commission withdrew recognition of Muhammad Ali as world heavyweight boxing champion because of his refusal to serve in the U.S. armed forces.
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Rapper Too Short is 43.

Rapper Big Gipp of Goodie Mob is 36

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“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable, procures success to the weak and esteem to all.” – by George Washington


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