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June 10, 2009

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Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell

Freddie Bell, velvet morning voice talent is a mellifluous voice actor, broadcast-journalist, speaker and National Voice Actor. His vast voice over credits, include hosting several radio programs including the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Love Train, It’s The Gospel in Tampa, The Freddie Bell Morning Show in radio on KSGS – 950AM, Solid Gold Soul in Minneapolis, plus This is Music, The Freddie Bell Countdown Show and The Minneapolis NAACP Community Affairs television Programs in Minneapolis.
Invite Freddie to your next event or seminar as a Keynote Speaker, covering topics including You Gotta Have H.E.A.R.T., Tuning In to R.A.D.I.O, Maximizing Your Potential, Imagination, The Secret Key To Success, Winning Through Community Service, Dreaming Your Way to Success and a variety of topics related to sales and sales management. Freddie shares ideas and techniques he used to propel Solid Gold Soul Radio into a household name.
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President and Rev. Wright

President and Rev. Wright

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is talking about President Obama in public again, this time during remarks he made Saturday at the Methodist Federation for Social Action awards in Ames, Iowa.
According to the Associated Press, the former pastor of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ said his one-time parishioner and mentee, Barack Obama, has made some mistakes, but he’s “like my child,” and he’ll always love the president.

Saturday’s award ceremony before about 400 people honored those who helped immigrants or fought for the successful legalization of gay marriage in Iowa. Wright says the award winners show that not all Americans are “stuck on stupid.” He also joked that when Obama was considering a presidential bid, he told Wright not to say anything that would upset Iowa farmers.

Wright became a flashpoint in the presidential campaign when videos surfaced showing his sometimes provocative sermons. He agreed to take written-only questions after the talk, according to the Ames Tribune. He was asked why he remained defiant in his spring 2008 appearance before the National Press Club.

“I condensed 500 years of African church history into 30 minutes, and not one question I was asked afterward had anything to do with my paper,” Wright was quoted as saying.




Whitney Houston’s people are reportedly considering a flood of interview requests ahead of the Sept. 1 release of her first new studio album since 2002’s “Just Whitney.”
But according to the New York Daily News, her handlers are only considering reporters who agree not to bring up her past drug use.

“They only want to let her talk to journalists who’ll agree not to ask about her substance abuse,” an unnamed source tells the paper’s Gatecrasher column.

A rep for Houston calls speculation on any PR plans “premature. Nothing has been set.” However, the TV morning shows, which are all angling to get her to perform live in addition to a sit-down, are said to be clear on what the conditions are.

“The deal is, if they want her, then Matt Lauer, Diane Sawyer or whoever isn’t supposed to ask her tough questions,” says the source.


Terrance Howard

Terrance Howard

The New York Post’s Page Six is reporting that Terrence Howard went above and beyond to make sure that a tiny bird that had wandered into the street would not be run over and killed.
According to witnesses, the bird hopped out into traffic right in front of the Mikimoto jewelry store on Wilshire and Rodeo in Beverly Hills.

Howard, dressed in a charcoal suit, got his traffic cop on and quickly motioned for drivers to brake.

“Six lanes of traffic were stopped,” said a spy for the column. “A baby bird was walking in front of a bus when someone from the store came out and tried to help it.” The actor followed, “holding his hands up and stopping [traffic] until the bird was out of harm’s way.”

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June 9, 1989: Congressman John Conyers D-Michigan announced a call for a reparations study.
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Actress Gloria Reuben (“The Agency,” “ER”) is 45.

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“I dream my painting and then paint my dream.” — Vincent Van Gogh


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