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September 9, 2009

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

A glittery white glove once belonging to Michael Jackson fetched 57,600 Australian dollars ($48,400) at an auction on Sunday, which amounts to nearly twice the estimated selling price.
Warwick Stone, a buyer for the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, beat out five other bidders for the item, which was tossed to an Australian fan by the King of Pop himself.

While in Sydney for his HIStory world tour in 1996, Jackson attended the Australian premiere for the Stan Winston-directed short film “Ghosts,” in which he had a starring role. At the end of the screening, he tossed the glove at audience member Bill Hibble, who has since died, said national head of collectables Giles Moon.

Bonhams and Goodman said it was the first auction of a Michael Jackson glove since his death on June 25 this year at age 50.

In other Jackson news, the production crew that provided video footage of arrivals at Michael Jackson’s funeral was capturing footage for the brothers’ upcoming A&E reality series, reports

The family provided the footage to news organizations, who were forced to loop those provided clips of guests Elizabeth Taylor, Macaulay Culkin and others alongside aerial shots from their respective news choppers – as no media were allowed inside.

According to TMZ, A&E cameras were also rolling at the post-burial gathering that took place at a nearby restaurant. In addition to the A&E series, the footage will be used for a DVD at a later date.

TMZ reported: “Don’t expect to see Joe or Katherine Jackson, Michael’s three children or Elizabeth Taylor in the footage though — we’re told none of them went to the restaurant after the burial.

“A few other random tidbits about the affair: Rat Pack music played all night, ‘Casablanca’ was projected onto the walls, the brothers talked about a reunion tour — and Janet seemed the most grief stricken of the group.”

Meanwhile, gossip blogger Janet Charlton is reporting that the Jackson family has been constantly at odds over money since Michael’s death.

Charlton wrote: “Everybody wants to cash in and the brothers are at each other’s throats – with Jermaine’s ego turning into a huge problem. Shortly after Michael died, Steve Wynn offered the late Danny Gans’ empty Las Vegas showroom to the remaining Jackson brothers and wanted them to prepare a long running show. They could have taken in 80 million dollars just the first year if was a success.

“The brothers were psyched to do it but Jermaine decided he should be paid way more than the others. Bickering ensued and Jermaine told shocked producers ‘I am the next Michael Jackson and I will be paid accordingly!’ Producers just laughed and gave up the whole idea. Timing is important and last we heard the Jackson brothers were pitching their act to the small time lounges in Las Vegas.”

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