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September 22, 2009

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Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

After years of being ridiculed by comedian Kathy Griffin in her standup act, Paula Abdul initially refused to co-present with her at Thursday night’s VH1 Divas concert, according to reports.
“Paula had to be coaxed onstage to present with Kathy,” an insider reveals to the New York Daily News. “Kathy has made fun of her a lot in the past, and she’s still pretty offended. She was leery about what Kathy might say about her in public.”

Griffin, a two-time Emmy winner for her Bravo reality series “My Life on the D List,” regularly roasts Abdul for her alleged pill popping and does an imitation of the entertainer as a spaced-out, incoherent judge on her former gig, “American Idol.” Paula is even mentioned in Griffin’s new book, “Official Book Club Selection.”

“It’s very tough for me emotionally,” Griffin has joked of Abdul’s departure from “Idol.” “I can’t imagine my life without Paula. In a way that Paula can’t imagine her life without, let’s say, a little Vicodin.”

At “Divas Live,” Griffin said periodically, “I see you giving me the evil eye, Paula.”

Abdul fired back during the ceremony, asking Griffin, “Have you ever banged anyone? Hey, listen, Firecrotch!”

She then asked Kathy to promise – in front of the live audience – that she won’t make fun of her anymore. But unlike Paula’s scripted question, Griffin went off the TelePrompTer and said, “I pinky swear I won’t make fun of you … until Kelly Clarkson comes on.” That moment was about 10 seconds later.

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