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October 28, 2009

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This Is It

When fans go see Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT, they’re going to have Michael back, just for a little while.” – Travis Payne, THIS IS IT choreographer

*Who would have thought it possible that we could be distracted from the gut-wrenching reality that Michael Jackson is, physically, no longer with us? But for one hour and fifty-one minutes, in the shelter of a dark theater, transfixed by the larger-than-life presence on the screen – making all the moves we have come to know so well – delivering the music that remains permanently etched in our psyche, here he is.

The man we so lovingly crowned the “King of Pop” years ago is alive … well … and in all his fantastical glory. Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT is a tangible gift the world can hold on to.

The best “All Access Pass” fans could ever expect to obtain, Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT reveals an MJ we could never otherwise have experienced; in a way we will not soon forget.

And this was just the rehearsal.

Crafted with undeniable love and respect by famed director Kenny Ortega, the film shows that, had the concert become a reality, MJ would most likely have accomplished exactly what he set out to d “Give them something they’ve never seen before.”

When asked why it was so important for him to direct this film, Ortega says:

“It became a responsibility for me. Who else was going to do it? I was there, and I felt that I could protect his ideas and the integrity of his last theatrical work. But the real reason it became so important to me is that I heard an outpouring from fans, people who said, ‘I had tickets to the concert, tell me, what was it going to be like?”

Ortega and Jackson have been friends for more than twenty years. The two first met in the 1980’s when Michael called the directors’ home and was greeted by the screams of Ortega’s niece, who answered the phone. They have always wanted to work together.

Sometimes it can take decades for the right “something” to come along. Jackson was sure that


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