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November 10, 2009

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Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts

“Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts is moonlighting in prime time this month as the host of two specials: an interview with Janet Jackson airing on Nov. 18, and tonight’s hour-long feature on country music stars.

According to the Associated Press, the specials “could be read as both internal and external signs of Roberts’ importance to the news division” in the absence of “GMA” co-anchor Diane Sawyer, who will replace Charlie Gibson at “World News” at the end of the year.

Roberts will remain at “GMA,” with a new permanent co-host to be announced by ABC News President David Westin in December.

In the meantime, Roberts has spent much of the past week preparing for her Jackson interview, which will be filmed at the singer’s home in Malibu, Calif. The journalist has a difficult balancing act. Jackson is still mourning the death of her brother Michael, a story that continues to fascinate the public. But she’s also a major star in her own right, with something to sell: Jackson has a greatest hits CD coming out in time for the holidays.

Roberts said she hasn’t determined in advance how much of the interview would be related to Michael Jackson.

“I don’t go in with a stack of questions and say three-quarters are going to be about this and one-quarter will be about that,” she said. “I like to have a conversation. I like to walk away and have the person say, `I thought we were going to do an interview and we just talked.'”


Not only are Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri reportedly back together, but they were never really apart, according to People magazine.

The couple appeared to be a done deal around the time of Michael Jackson’s death, a rumor that gained traction when Dupri did not attend the funeral services. Jackson herself told Harper’s Bazaar that she was single.

But quotes an unnamed source who says, “They never really broke up. Jermaine wanted to give her some space when Michael died.”

There are even reports on the blogosphere that the two are planning a wedding.

“They’ve been saying that for years and you don’t see a ring on my finger,” Dupri told People on Friday at a Prive Las Vegas party to launch his Nu Pop Movement watch line. “I guess it just sounds good to have that rumor this time of the year or something.”

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