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I just asked who was the first African American Admiral in US history, commissioned in May of 1971. The first answer we received said the honor belongs to David Robinson!!


We love some NEXT at the Morning Show. RL’s brother just called to chat with us and to bring us up to date on the hometown group.

Stay tuned for the Color of The Day and the Black History Fact, also Known as the People Perspective right after 7am. Its the Morning Show on KMOJ the Peoples Station.

I ran into Spike Moss yesterday. I also saw Jeff Jones ( Sounds of Blackness) after stopping by the Heritage Park YMCA where Henry Crosby is the Executive Director. Good Morning to Mildas in Minneapolis!

If there’s one thing we know for sure about the return of Scandal (make sure your DVR’s are set for the new 9 p.m. start time) it’s that Harrison Wright is a goner. He was facing down Daddy Pope’s gun in one of the last scenes of Season 3 but as we all know, Columbus Short, the actor who played him, won’t be returning to the show.
According to several published reports, his death will be the hardest on Abby, who is said to be “profoundly changed.” Hmmm. The other thing that we know is that the season picks up about two months after the presidential election which President Fitzgerald won, but only at the cost of his oldest son, Jerry.
Oh, and that Daddy Pope is back as Command of B13, and Mama Pope is alive (but safely locked away in the underground hole Jake and Huck once called home).
As for Olivia, she quit Olivia Pope and Associates and headed into the sunset with Jake but we’re guessing that’s not going to be for long. We can figure that Olivia will have a change of heart by the first episode – it just the when and how that is still anybody’s guess.
Show creator Shonda Rhimes has already said that Season 4 will bring other changes, one of which is getting back to the weekly crisis cases as opposed to the focus on spies and bad parents that made Season 3 such a whirlwind.
It seems even Rhimes realized that the storylines were close to jumping the shark – or were at least swimming in shark-filled waters. (That’s TV speak for when a moment happens on a show that is so far-fetched it ultimately kills the show, but somehow Scandal stayed just on the right side of that mistake.)

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