Here are today’s Words to the Wise; “Strive to be concise and precise.”

At the beginning of each New Year I’ve found that it’s a lot more effective to create clear concise goals and create a set of action steps that we will take to achieve them. Goal setting is really straightforward, but a lot of people do it in such a way where they end up not achieving them and instead become disillusioned and disempowered.

There really is no big secret about how to achieve our goals, and how we can do this in such a way where we are guaranteed great results every time.

The first step is always examining what it is that we truly desire; the things that we truly yearn for and to write these down on a piece of paper.

Once we have a basic list of goals, we then need to rewrite them into short, concise statements. It’s important that each of our goals is crystal clear, so having long wordy goals isn’t a great idea.

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