Here are today’s Words to the Wise; “Don’t give up.”

Another very important part of goal setting is to include a date by which we will have achieved our goal.

Again, this affects us powerfully on a subconscious level, but it also adds additional motivation for us to take concrete action steps towards achieving a goal by the date we have set.

So when we create crystal clear, concise goals, and include a strong motivating reason why we will achieve them, and a deadline by which we will achieve them, we infuse our goals with energy and power.

So, if we do all this correctly, is it still possible to not achieve our goals?

Well, the short answer is of course yes. Everything depends on the consistency of our efforts towards achieving our goals and our continued motivation to do so.

Many people give up half way, and this can really end up piling on disempowerment and disillusionment. Making half-hearted attempts to achieve goals can do more harm than good and it can hold us back from achieving future goals.

So by looking at our goals every morning and every evening, and infusing them with emotion and excitement – these things will have a VERY strong affect, and will ultimately enable us to achieve our goals. Happy New Year.

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