Here are today’s Words to the Wise; There’s nothing routine about having a routine.”

Weekly Routines

Establish weekly routines by committing time to your top priorities in life. Ideally, what you’re doing is establishing habit patterns to get stuff done. Even though much of your weekly routine may not directly impact a particular goal, it will s keep balance in your life that allows you to accomplish your goals. Here are some examples of weekly routines:

Have a family planning meeting every Sunday night covering previous week, the next week and coordinating any scheduling events or conflicts.

Watch the SuperBowl or a family movie, or play a family game every Friday night with homemade pizza and popcorn.

Daily Routines

Establish daily routines. These are recurring events that enable you to be more productive by putting many tasks on auto-pilot. Ideally, we would all have a morning and evening routine, like listening to the Morning Show. As you can hopefully see, all these things work together to ultimately help you to realize your dreams through a systematic goal setting and action plan framwork.

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