Here are today’s Words to the Wise; Regardless of circumstances I believe that I am prosperous.”

No doubt we come into contact with many people during the course of our lives. In employment situations we tend to think that these people are the source of our income and prosperity. I would argue that they are merely the channels through which your prosperity comes. They aren’t the real source. Employers, employees, customers, and coworkers are conduits of unlimited good. Even conflicts are quickly resolved when we remember we are here to serve each other.

Just as others contribute to our financial increase, we can also share our prosperity with the people in our lives. Even as we pay bills, think about giving thanks for the services they covered. When money or other forms of prosperity come our way, be grateful for the law of circulation.

Whether we give or receive, our attitude strengthens our connections. Today, take a moment to thank the people who are channels of prosperity in our lives.

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