Here are today’s Words to the Wise; I express my full potential everyday.”

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Have you ever heard someone say their heart wasn’t into it? It implies that whatever the task, they’re not giving it their all. For a number of reasons, there are a number of projects we’d rather not undertake. Maybe we don’t have the expertise, or it’s too hard, or we simply just don’t want to go through the rigors the task demands. Many times we short-change ourselves by not doing something simply because it’s too hard. If the task was easy, anyone could do it. We bring a unique set of talents and abilities to bear at every task. The only way we get better is to exercise our full potential, no matter how small or large the task. Our job is to challenge ourselves, to give it everything we’ve got. Today, if we commit to contributing to life and to the well-being of others, we’ll see the personal benefits. You can’t give without receiving. Often we get back more than we give away en-route to expressing our full potential.

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